Biosa Bokashi in Shared Vision's July 2007 issue

By , 1 July 2007 08:23

I was informed the issue would be coming out July 1 [today].

Detail - Shared Vision Page 7 Scan

However, I started getting calls on Wednesday but could not check my messages until Friday. Arrgh. It was an exciting day. I’m ready now….

Here is a scan of the full page:
Shared Vision Page 7 Scan

and a link to Shared Vision’s website.

When I talk with people about Bokashi, I give them this brochure [.pdf]

Note: The image presented by Shared Vision is only one bucket. All my client photos show that two nesting buckets are used. The inside bucket has drainage holes and the outside bucket [the one with the label] is used to collect liquid from your material.

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